Rebuilding – Assembly Process

Cleaning procedure
- Machine is totally stripped down to floor.
- Casting are submerged in caustic bath
- After caustic bath, parts are high pressure water washed to remove remaining pieces of paint and corrossion
- Stainless and bronze small parts are washed out with industrial washing machines.
- Major parts such as gears, shafts, housings, pistons,… are sandblasted. Only after whole cleaning is finished we are capable to determinate which parts are in good condition and can be used in the rebuilding, and what parts need to be replaced.

Preparation of parts before assembly
As protection against corrossion is a big issue, we prepare all casted parts as follows:
- Imprimation or antioxidant treatment
- Coating (Same process as it is used in the car business)
- Painting of parts part out of reach when assembly is finished.

Assembly procedure
- All bearings, oil seals, o-rings, bushings, springs and keyshafts are replaced by new genuine Angelus parts. We order these parts to Angelus, normally we have on stock all these parts for the machines we carry on rebuildings more often. We have a minimum stock to enable us to carry on rebuilts on 3 off 60Ls, 1 off 61H and 1 off 120L (Some parts are common to these models).

- Change parts are manufactured by us and as per specific can size to be run with the required machine.
- Electrics panel and sensors are all installed new and as per customer preference ( Normally Allen Bradley, Siemens, Telemecanique or Omron).
- When a big part we normally ordered to Angelus, is not available on the required delivery time, we have the capability to manufacture the part at our own premises (Reverse engineering).
- Safety enclosure (If required, depending on machine destination) is manufactured by us.

Comment: We normally manufacture parts with same dimensions as the original one. In this way, we enable our customers to have the choice of ordering spares in future to us or to OEM. But we also do special engineering when the can size is out of machine estandar range (Thinner turrets, raising feed line, supplement baseplates, low profile seaming rolls,…)

Complexion of the job
Once machine is finished, it goes on the painting tunnel to finish painting process. When done, the test procedure with all electric controls starts, we test all machine securities to make sure they are all working perfectly.

Following this procedure in all our rebuilts, we are capable to provide one year warranty on all parts because we know the machine from the inside.