Product manufacturing process


The quality in the products served by TES has been from our beginnings a maxim. To obtain this purpose we try to provide to our Factory of devices in spite of which being able to have the quality level that asks us. To realize this control we possess:

Machine of three-dimensional measurement BROWN and SHARPE. Model MISTRAL.
Complete range of micrometers (for out-side and in-side Ø), digital and standard calibres.
Box of blocks boss for traceability.
Profile projector (Application for profile control of seaming rolls).
Chamber of high resolution to control ended superficial.
Hardness meter.

In all the cases it does a follow-up as for the maintenance and perfect condition of the same ones.

Technical department

- 3D Design

The program uses in the design of pieces and kits is in SOLIDWORKS environment. With this program we have been working from 2000 with the acquisition of several licenses of use. The versatility of the program allows us to work with virtual models in 3D which can relate between them in such a way that the generation of kits is very fast, being able to be employed simultaneously several persons at different points of the project. Other characteristics to standing out would be:
- Compatibility with other traditional programs of drawing as AUTOCAD.
- Automatic rectification of pieces of the model avoiding possible mistakes.
- Generation of drawings with view in 3D and simulations directed to customers without technical training.
- Facility in calculations of weights and times of mechanized saving time in the preparation of quotations.
- Acquisition of information for mechanized complicated.

- Projects

Due to the characteristic of the work that is realized in TES, the number of new projects and of rebuilt in the factory of the final customer is high enough. Departing from the needs required by the same one and once chosen the machines that will be implemented, splits of some determining dimensional (lay-out in plant) that will give us an original disposition which there will be joining gradually the different elements that will compose the new line of work.
To highlight that at all time the contact with the customer is constant and the modifications that could appear both for the customer and for TES during the project are done by mutual agreement. To say that in most cases the relation with the customer for our part has one character more of consultant that of mere supplier of equipments, looking for the mutual benefit.


The area of design is directed to several aims:
Development of special groups (kits) to adapt the machines of characteristics and functionalities that originally they do not possess.

Feeders of “easy open” lids.
Train of gears to change the number of returns for cycle and in this way increase the production.
Couplings of capture of force for filling.
Special can feed tables
Enclosures of machines fulfilling regulation “CE”.
Development of cams and special seaming heads of closing for change parts not standard.
Reform of “pistons” in filling volumetric replacing obsolete systems of filling.
Reforms in machines for special change parts of great dimension (cylindrical boat of Ø 189 mm).
Development of change parts for rapid change.

Development of new models of seamers.

Specific seamers of high production for formats of not usual dimensions (rectangular cans of olives of 8 Kgs.).
Vacuum seamers.
Seamers of low production in stainless steel material.

Emphasize the constant search of innovative materials that should improve the benefits of the pieces (special bronzes, etc) and quality changes in materials of original already existing pieces destined to treat with products with a high corrosive power.

All this directed to extending the portfolio of products that we possess and to improving the characteristics of the already existing machines.


The capacity of production in TES comes supported by the following points:
1. -Wide range of tools:

Wheels and drilling of numerical control.
Grinding of all kinds (flat, without centers, of profiles, etc)
Carver of gear.
Slotting machines.
Section of wheelding (TIG, Electrode, weld of brass, bronze, etc)
Section of painting and cleanliness of machines.

Cuts for laser
(flat Sheet and pipe

2.-Great experience in the mechanization of different qualities of materials:

Stainless materials of temperature (AISI 420, AISI 440C, etc)
Materials of:
Smelting nodular Smelting GGG50 / Smelting GGG25
Smelting INOX
Smelting bronze (88/12, bronze to the aluminium)
Martensitic and austenitic stainless steels.
Pieces of micromerger.
Pieces of cementation.

3.-Thermal treatments:
Capacity of temperature and re-come with vacuum oven in atmosphere controlled of nitrogen. Programmed for every type of material.
To stand out in turn:

- Flexibility as for the change of works programmed (customers with urgencies of immediate delivery, changes in production)
- Experience of the workmen very involved in the needs of the pieces since they know its function and assembly inside the machine.

Note: In TES we mechanize 95 % of the pieces that are included in the machines with which we work.