Ezquerra Group

World leader

“State-of-art” manufacturing and remanufacturing of can fillers and seamers.


Comfort to rely on SOMME®, a trademark with more than a hundred years of tradition.

Innovation and quality control

Research and development of new projects that market demands and quality control part by part.

Global coverage and aftermarket

Through a well consolidated international network, Ezquerra Group ensures the highest satisfaction after sales worldwide.

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Sturdiness, flexibility and hygiene in accordance with market requirements.


Accurate and hygienic. Any product at any circumstance.


The combination of our experience and filling – seaming technological advances at your service in just one machine.

Spare parts

In-house manufacture, wide stock and immediate delivery.

Subsidiary located in Agadir providing technical assistance and comercial to the Northern Africa canning industry.

Somme Maroc

More than 30 years of experience in seaming, with the best conditions of quality, price and warranty in the market.

Comercial Somme

Subsidiary located in North-western Spain that provides comprehensive service to one of the biggest fish cannery areas in Europe.

López Galicia

Can seaming technology world leader, located in Zamudio Technological Park (Biscay).


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