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Talleres Ezquerra Seamers S.L.

Dedicated to manufacture, rebuild and overhaul can seamers and fillers for all kind of products, and to manufacture and provide spare parts and other kits not only for our SOMME® trademark but also for other brands used in food and can-making industries.

Manufacturing and assembling centre

12.000 m2 dedicated to parts production under the most rigorous quality control in material, dimensions and heat treatment process. It keeps a wide stock of spare parts and accessories stored, and it runs various assembly lines specialized in rebuilding and for new generation of seamers in series.

State-of-art remanufacturing

More than 2.000 rebuilt units worldwide endorse our almost 50 years of trajectory. Our units provide the best performance and warranty, incorporating upgrades as per the current trends of the market.

After sales and technical assistance

A great technical and human team, able to provide prompt reaction and guidance to any request brought up by customer.




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