All kind of products

Ezquerra Group provides Brand-new rotary and linear fillers for all sort of products:

  • Liquids and semiliquid (viscous) volumetrically (piston)
  • Dairies (Piston Unifiller)
  • Liquids (gravity)
  • Carbonated Drinks (Counterpressure)
  • Liquids and semiliquid (viscous) in cans already filled with solids (vacuum)
  • Solids by volume (telescopic / pocket)

Moreover, Ezquerra Group remanufactures rotary fillers from renowned brands such as Zacmi, Pfaudler, Elmar, FMC / JBT, Zilli&Bellini, among others. In this case, the same meticulous remanufacturing procedure is followed, being the outcome, a machine personalised as per customer’s specific application, with optimal performances ensured and backed up with one year of warranty in all its components.

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